• 14.00 kW
  • 16.00 kW
  • Area : all M2
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AOHG 36/45/54 KBTB (1PH) ; AOHG 36/45/54 KRTA (3PH) Outdoor Unit

AOHG 36/45/54 KBTB (1PH) ; AOHG 36/45/54 KRTA (3PH)

  • Newly-developed 1 or 3-phase (400 Volt) device offering maximum effectiveness
  • One to three indoor devices of the same type can be connected to each outdoor device
  • Indoor devices operate in simultaneous mode
  • Can be used as an air-to-air heat pump to up to -20 °C outside temperature
  • Easy to install thanks to various connection options
  • DC-regulated compressor and ventilator for energy-saving and convenient operation