Saving energy and ecology

Conscious dealings with problems associated with the environment, resources and global warming.

As an international company, Fujitsu General defines its contribution towards developing a sustainably economic society as its most important corporate goal. Fujitsu General is involved in a wide variety of environmental protection activities comprising the sale, maintenance and disposal of its products as well as pursuing the goal of continually improving the energy efficiency offered by its products.

Environmental concept in the corporate philosophy

Fujitsu General regards environmental protection as an essential component of its corporate philosophy. By applying our technological know-how from the area of IT and deploying our creative forces, we support sustainable development of our society. By maintaining all of the environmental laws and directives, we promote additional environmental protection measures in the form of our own initiatives. By means of individual or overall effective measures, we contribute towards retaining our natural and rich environment for future generations.


  • We make every effort to minimise environmental pollution by our products during the entire product lifecycle.
  • We are committed to handling raw materials and energy in a resourceful manner and practice the “3-R approach” (reduce, reuse, recycle) in order to manufacture products which display maximum environmental friendliness.
  • We minimise the risks to human health and the environment by dispensing with harmful substances in our products and therefore in our waste.
  • With our products, we help our customers to reduce pollution and improve their own personal environmental efficiency.
  • We provide information on our environmental activities, products and services as well as applying ideas and criticism in order to further improve our environmental programme.
  • We support our employees in their efforts as regards a better environment and provide information on their responsibility towards society.