18 февруари, 2019

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Fujitsu General has added the new industry’s smallest*1 size outdoor unit J-III L (18 HP), to our AIRSTAGE multi air conditioners for shops and offices that are compact and offer a high degree of freedom in terms of construction. We will release these series in the European market in December.

Adding this large capacity 18 HP model to our lineup will further expand the range of our outdoor unit combinations and will allow us to support various size air conditioning systems.

There are constraints on the places where outdoor units can be installed in urban areas in Europe due to the European Landscape Convention. There is a requirement to install outdoor units in places that do not directly catch attention, such as between buildings, in narrow spaces (e.g. balconies) and in places covered by external louvers.

Fujitsu General launched 8 to 12 HP models (J-III L) in 2017 and 14 to 16 HP models (J-III L) in March 2018. This time, due to the release of 18 HP, we have accomplished the lineup of J series, which is the main models for light commercial market. Our target of the sales of the J series in this fiscal year is a 1.5-fold increase compared to the previous fiscal year on the basis of the number of outdoor units.

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