30 август, 2016

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BULCLIMA approved PARTNER OF BANKS PARTICIPATING IN PROGRAM REECL BULCLIMA approved partner banks involved in financing schemes loan program of energy efficiency in the home. All products meeting the energy efficiency requirements can be purchased by applying for grants from the program REECL. REECL program enables Bulgarian households receive grants amounting to 20% of the equipment purchased under the program for lending to energy efficiency in the home.

IMPORTANT CONDITION When applying single-family and two-family houses, the grant program amounts to 10% of costs incurred for the purchase and installation of air conditioning and heat pump systems. When applying for housing in multifamily unit (building) needs a minimum of 3 separate residential units (apartments) to participate together for the grant program. In this case REECL will reimburse up to 20% of the costs to owners for the purchase and installation of energy-efficient air conditioning systems. Separate apartment in multi-family unit can not apply for assistance under the program "Energy Efficiency".


- Raiffeisen Bank- depleted budget.

- Bank DSK- exhausted budget.

- Piraeus Bank - funding expected after 15.09.2016g .

- ProCredit Bank - exhausted budget.

- EIBANK - exhausted budget.

- UBB - a budget

- Learn more about the "Energy Efficiency" - CONDITIONS OF BANK UBB LOAN PROGRAM "energy efficiency" can be found HERE HOW TO APPLY To apply for credit under the Energy Efficiency is necessary to issue you an offer that you provide in the financing bank. For this you can send your data - full name, phone, email and address of the installation of email: office@bulclima.com entitled: Energy Efficiency. It is necessary to send models of the climate system that you choose. We will complete the offer and will send it to email.

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