09 април, 2015

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Our company will release modular-type multi air conditioning system for buildings ”AIRSTAGE” V-III series (8/10/12/14/16/18 HP) enhancing industry’s top class*1 energy-saving performance and work flexibility for European market from January, 2015.

In recent years, the regulations of energy conservation are more and more tightened in various area of the world. Among all, in Europe, higher level of energy saving regulations are enforced such as not only regulations for air conditioner itself but also the regulations to restrict the total energy consumption of the building in which the air conditioners are installed. Under the situations, the high energy saving performance is required for the commercial use air conditioning system which accounts for large part of power consumption at stores and offices. Also, in case of commercial property, the good installation efficiency dealing with the buildings of various structures is an important factor.

The new series is the modular-type multi air conditioning system for buildings having maximum 54HP (150kW) capacity combining maximum 3 outdoor units and realized high energy saving performance by our original energy-saving technologies such as ”Large capacity DC rotary compressor” and ”Sine wave DC inverter control” in addition to ”High density multi-path heat exchanger”. Especially, in 8HP models, the industry’s top class*1 consumption efficiency COP4.84 (at heating operation) was achieved.

In the installation aspect, the work flexibility of the installation which was well accepted in the conventional models was further enhanced by adopting the ”Corner cut air intake structure” of outdoor unit enabling the installation even in the narrow space and making the pipe length of indoor and outdoor units to the maximum 165m to correspond to various building structures.

We will develop the products complying with the energy-saving policy of various countries of the world aiming to further expand the air conditioner business including multi air conditioning system for buildings.


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